Memorial Day Weekend + Patriotic Berry Tart

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!! Summer is coming so fast, we are just on the brink of ending school. Memorial day weekend is probably one of the hardest weekends to end because it teases you with a quick taste of those long summer days. Once it's over, you just have to convince yourself to push through those final weeks of school to finally make it to the promise land.

For Memorial day weekend, everything was pretty calm at my house, which was good because my family has been traveling 24/7 lately (mostly road trips). We got to go to Central Park on Sunday, which I loved. Let me tell you, if I ever get the chance to live in the city, you bet I'll be at Central Park every chance I get. Everything is just so laid back and, I know this is kind of weird but, I love to people watch so Central Park is perfect for that.

A few days before I stumbled upon a beautiful buzzfeed article while in spanish class (when i was suppose to be conjugating verbs in the imperfect tense) and it had a ton of great patriotic dessert ideas. I decided to go with the Berry Tart with Brown Butter Shortbread Crust ---> recipe here. Of course right before I made this, I found out we do not own a giant tart pan, so I ended up using a pie pan (hey not as pretty, but I made it work).

In other news, this weekend I am very excited to say my friends and I will be heading to Governor's Ball Music Festival in NYC! Along with amazing live music, I heard that the food is going to be pretty amazing as well. There are going to be a ton of food stands and trucks all around the island. Hopefully I will take tons of pictures of all the ice cream, tacos, and funnel cakes I will be eating:)

Hope you had a great Memorial day weekend

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