Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Let's get things straight: I. Love. Bread.
It could be any kind of bread and honestly I would eat it. I'm that guilty person, at a restaurant, who is the first one to stick their hand in the bread basket the second it hits the table.

Baking bread is a skill that I desire to acquire (wow did that actually kind of rhyme?). I mean, I'm pretty solid in baking your standard sandwich bread, but everything else is a mystery to me right now (I really want to learn how to make a good ciabatta or a sourdough).

I decided that cinnamon raisin bread would be pretty easy to make, since its basically a sweeten sandwich bread with raisins.

I usually eat just this bread for breakfast, with butter or cream cheese, and I am all set.
Since I make this bread from scratch (without preservatives), it will get stale way faster than the bread you get at the store. What I do to solve this problem is after the first day, I throw it in the freezer and it's perfect whenever you feel like eating it! Just run a bread knife under warm water (this will help you cut the bread easier) and stick the slice(s) in the toaster.

My favorite part about making this is rolling up the dough after you sprinkle the cinnamon sugar. I love cutting the bread and seeing the unique pattern of swirls the cinnamon makes in the center. 

I got my recipe from Taste of Home: here


Snow Day Eatings

Monday, February 2, 2015




It's been snowing A TON here, which is good because I've been getting off of school a lot (yay for all day pj's!)

Since its been freezing, I decided to make a post about my favorite snow day foods.
Usually if I'm eating on a snow day, whatever it is i'm eating is warm and not really that healthy (to be completely honest).

/ / 1. Joy the Baker's Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes
Whenever I wake up gloriously from finding out we have a snow day, I ALWAYS make pancakes and I love Joy's twist on the original pancake.

If you ever been over to my Pinterest, you know how much I love my mac and cheese. 
Yummy ooey gooey cheesey mac and cheese is definitely an essential to me.

/ / 3. Jennifer's Creamy Tomato Soup 
I love a good, warm tomato soup, especially with a grilled cheese to dip it in.

/ /4. Minimalist Baker's Smores Hot Chocolate 
Well not very surprising here that hot chocolate made the list, but as soon as I saw this beautiful picture, I knew I had to make it.

Stay Warm!


My First Ever Smoothie Bowl

Sunday, January 18, 2015

First post of 2015!!! How was your new years?
Around here it's midterm time at my school, so I've been doing a lot of studying, cramming, and staying up way too late.
My exams are almost over (Tuesday they end) but it feels like they have been going on forever.
Hopefully when they're done, I can spend more time on here and in the kitchen.

So, I just recently learned that smoothie bowls were a thing. One time my friend Jessie first told my other friend and I that she loved eating smoothies out of a bowl with a spoon. I remember thinking that was the weirdest thing ever, but then I started seeing smoothie bowls all over the internet. My favorite part of the smoothie bowl are the toppings because if you're good at arranging them, smoothie bowls can look like a work of art.

Lee Tilghman is my favorite person to go to for smoothie bowls, I think she makes the prettiest bowls that are on her instagram (I actually adapted the recipe from her).

One things to remember is that consistency is key with these bowls. If your base is too thin, your toppings will be heading right to the bottom.

Makes 1 bowl
To make the base:
1/2 of a banana
Handful of frozen strawberries
1/4 cup almond milk 
1 tsp organic cinnamon
Blend until smooth. Make sure it is thick & creamy.
1/2 sliced fresh banana
Handful of dried, reduced sugar cranberries
1 tbsp chia seeds (soaked in almond milk over night)
Handful of slivered almonds
1/4 cups of granola (any kind!)

I'm really happy with how these pictures came out:) I got a pastry marble for Christmas and I can stop taking pictures with it, so expect it to be in the background for many future posts

P.S. I added a cool little gif I made with some of my favorite cookbooks, it's on my "about me" page!

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Kwanzaa! (that's probably not what you say, but oh well)
I had some family come over for Christmas at my house, so I decided to try something new in the cookie department. Usually my family makes the traditional, chocolate chip, gingerbread, and sugar cookies. Instead I wanted to make these hot chocolate cookies, mostly because I thought they were so pretty with the marshmallow and chocolate shavings on top:)

FWI: these make a great gift for those people that you have no idea what to get. Just put them in a bag and tie a cute ribbon on top and BAM you got a insta-present.

Recipe: here

Hope everyone had a happy holidays!!

Super Cheesy Quick Breakfast Potatoes

Monday, December 15, 2014

 Hi all! It's been super hectic lately around here, but I am really happy with how these photos came out so I just wanted to share them with you before I head into Christmas everything (spoiler alert: upcoming posts are going to involve a ton of cookies).

I'm so sorry but I do not have an exact recipe for these potatoes because honestly I just kind of threw in a dish: cheddar cheese, grated potatoes, and sour cream. Before it hit the oven I finished it off with a cornflakes mixture on top to give it a crunch. Last but not least, I threw some chives on.
That's all... I'll be back super soon...


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