"It's Complicated" Nachos

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello everybody!! I'm baaacckk
and this time I come with cheese and chips (like how can this end up badly?)
Being tired of lacking inspiration in the kitchen,  I picked up a copy of the latest Epicurious magazine. 
It was actually a really good issue that features recipes from different sections of America. After flipping through it rather quickly, these nachos caught my eye in the Southwest section.

I'v always had a soft spot for nachos, of course I never really had them often except on Super Bowl sunday. They were just the classic, simple ones though, just really salty chips and sharp cheddar cheese.
I really loved the idea of these more complicated nachos that introduced even more flavors for more complex pallets.

BAM. No plans for lunch plus plenty of time (I'm on break from classes)…. this was happening.
I kind of took the recipe from Epicurious and changed it up a bit.
soo i added…
-cheddar + monterey jack
-black beans
-shredded chicken
-and a good shaking of chili powder:)

then add to the oven at 350 degrees for a little less than 10 minutes

There ya go… "It's Complicated" nachos

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