Dutch Baby (German Pancake)

Monday, November 10, 2014

This was such a last minute breakfast to be completely honest. I woke up Saturday morning and I had no idea what I was going to eat, and then I thought pancakes? But I thought that was too basic and plus pancakes are always my go to breakfast. I wanted to step it up, so then I came up with the whole dutch baby idea. I've only had this once before and I had zero experience making it. Of course I was like what the heck and I took the plunge.

Just to mention, I know this totally completely off the blog topic, but did you check out my confectionary sugar shaker!? Fun fact: actually I got this when I was taking a pizza making class and it was originally created for semola, but I thought it would be more useful if we used it for confectionary sugar instead. It is actually hilarious that such little things like a sugar shaker can make me so happy. It's honestly so much neater and easier than using a sifter, which was what I was using before. UGH I just love it so much

So, as I said before, I have never made this, and when I first took it out of the oven I thought I completely messed it up. The reason behind this is maybe the fact that I used too small of a pan, but my sides of the pancake blew up and the sides were very very tall. BUT for future references if this happens to you, do not worry, the sides will go down once it starts cooling. 

This pancake is insanely thin; it is no way like your average pancake. I highly suggest this if 

1. you wake up late (because it takes less than 1/2 hr)
2. you literally have no 'special' ingredients (it's basically flour, sugar, eggs, and milk, oh and butter)
3. you're a wee bit tired of your basic, typical pancake

Go for something different today:)

RECIPE: Simply Recipes Dutch Baby


  1. omg this looks so good! and so simple! thanks for sharing!


    1. Wow thanks Molly! Oh and by the way absolutely in love with your blog:)


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