Butternut Squash Soup

Monday, October 27, 2014

So.. Halloween's literally in four days, and that means that there's only one more month of fall left..
*quietly whispers* 57 days until Christmas. I kind of think it's insane that that's the way we think, but it honestly is. We are always looking forward to what's next, and when that comes by, then we immediately move on to the next chapter. It's sad that we never cherish the moment. but hey always looking forward to something makes life more interesting. 

This weekend I took advantage of the few moments that butternut squash is in season, and made one of my favorite soup. That's right it's...
and bonus it makes a really cold, rainy day x10 better (just make sure you wear warm socks when eating for best results)

Also be prepared to mix everything with your hands, because hands are much more effective than spoons, in my opinion. 

If you have a normal sized blender, like me, you may have to blend the soup in batches.

Recipe --> here


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