Ombre Cake

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello everyone!
Here I present you with my first attempt at an ombre cake...
I always see these online (especially on pinterest)

In my opinion they looked pretty cool, but how easy is it really?
Ever had one of those moments where your on pinterest (or some other social media) and you see a really cute diy and your like, yeah I can totally do this...
11 minutes later you're downstairs in your basement with a glue gun in hand and about to have a mental breakdown.

I knew this cake wasn't going to give me a complete mental breakdown, but I didn't really want this cake to give me too much stress.

Well, like most of the recipes on this blog, this one isn't as difficult as it looks.
Oh. and to make it extra ombre, I dyed coconut flakes in different shades of color also!
Pretty much this cake started from a basic vanilla recipe. 
Then I split the batter in three bowls and added a few drops of food coloring in each (making sure each bowl was gradually darker).
Now for the coconut... 

actually it's the exact same concept but you're putting the coconut in a bag and shaking it with the food coloring.

Sooo the whole reason I made this cake was to surprise my mom for her birthday (mostly because I couldn't find her a birthday present #oops)
But hey food can count as a present right?

Anyways... if you're itching to try an ombre cake... go for it!!
See you soon!


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  1. Very cool! :) I love to see other teenage bloggers in the food blogging world! I would love to keep in touch! :)


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